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Code Orange – I Am King

Words: Jenkin Benson (’17), Staff Writer

At face value, Code Orange‘s (formerly Code Orange Kids)  newest LP  already stands out as terrifyingly gruesome with album artwork that features the record’s title I Am King carved into a dude’s forehead. Very fitting. There is no better way to describe the band’s sophomore effort than to say …

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Deerhoof – “Exit Only”

(image via Consequence Of Sound)

Words: Elizabeth Allen (’16), Staff Writer

Experimental indie rock group Deerhoof recently dropped the first single off of their newest album La Isla Bonita, which is scheduled to release in early November. “Exit Only” is an impressive song, with a backbone of non-stop guitar accompanied by minimal lyrics by lead …

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Cymbals Eat Guitars – LOSE

Words: Jenkin Benson (’17), Staff Writer

Riding the 90′s indie rock wave can be tricky. It’s an extremely accessible route for bands to stylistically take. The level of material produced in the decade provides a lot of fodder to piggyback off of, however, there’s always the risk of becoming sole derivative and no one wants …

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Kitty Is Back

(photo from

Words: Geo Gomez (’15), Staff Writer

Kitty is back at it again, contributing to the first ever Rap Genius mix tape with what may be her slickest song yet. Over a minimalist beat that sounds like the soundtrack to a weird Maya Derren meets My Little Pony nightmare-playground, Kitty elevates …

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Nothing – Guilty of Everything

Words: Jenkin Benson (’17), Staff Writer

Following in the footsteps of Deafheaven‘s blend of shoegaze and  black metal in last year’s overwhelmingly powerful Sunbather, Nothing has appeared to further expand upon the boundaries of fusing shoegaze with more heavy rock genres. In the case of Nothing’s debut LP Guilty of Everything, dreamy shoegaze vocals are …

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Spoon – They Want My Soul

Words: Elizabeth Allen (’16), Staff Writer

In March, Spoon’s official Youtube account released a 27-second video entitled “Hi” which featured a handheld shot of an oscilloscope pulsing with visuals of a gritting, pulsing noise. A commenter noted: “Sexy/raw. Hope the whole album sounds like this.”

The unannounced clip was Spoon’s first “hi” in four …

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The Summer in Review: A Few Tracks to Keep Hope Alive

Words: Thomas Grabinski

Every August, Summer comes to a screeching halt. And while it’s only natural to bemoan the shortening of days and a coming Winter, a few good jams is all it takes to keep your sun-bleached mirth alive. KDIC’s new staff of writers is here with a mega-list of Summer …

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Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings – Here and Nowhere Else

Words: Thomas Grabinski

Two years ago, Cloud Nothings exploded out of its Midwestern cocoon and took the world by storm with its loud-ass guitar music. Their 2012 release Attack on Memory was an album equally fit for angst-ridden bedroom brooding as it was for parties. Dylan Baldi, the mastermind behind Cloud Nothings, is a …

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